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Information for Investors

We work with thousands of property investors across Australia to help you make informed decisions on buying: the right property; at the right price; properties with good cash flows; property in appropriate ownership structures; and with the right loan and financial advice Investment returns can be greatly enhanced through borrowing.  However, the golden rule of borrowing money is to borrow for appreciating assets such as property, and not use the borrowed funds for consumables that depreciate in value.  Debt, if used properly for appreciating assets such as property, is a critical tool in building wealth.  When you are considering borrowing money to invest, it’s not just a case of how much property you have to borrow against.  It’s also critical to consider your ability to service the loan.  Regardless of the value of your properties or other assets, when it comes to borrowing money, every investor is limited by cash flow.   

Information about Investing with a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

Using super to buy property, the property itself becomes part of your super fund.  This means your employer contributes the minimum 9.5% of every pay cheque towards your investment.  Buying property through your SMSF means there are a number of parties contributing to you achieving a better retirement:  you your tenant your employer the government (tax refunds) WHY ARE SMSF'S BECOMING SO POPULAR? Did you know that SMSFs remain the fastest growing sector in the retirement funds industry, coming ahead of retail funds, industry funds, public sector funds and corporate super funds? So why is this the case? Well there are 5 Key Benefits to having a Self-Managed Super Fund, namely: 1. Greater Control  Investors who saw their retirement funds shrink during the GFC are looking for greater control. SMSFs typically allow members to: have greater control over the types of investments control the fees being paid optimise their tax liabilities 2. ...

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Information for First Home Buyers

Home ownership is one of the most rewarding things you can do and helps set up a good, long term financially secure future.  Buying your first home can be an incredibly stressful time, which is why it’s important to get good advice and learn all the facts from the beginning.   It is easy to get overwhelmed during the home buying process. So in order to make the journey as easy and as enjoyable as possible, we’ve assembled some of the best property and finance people in the business.  Our team of experts will help you navigate your way, so you are confident in making the final decision on which property and loan best suits your personal needs. Our mission at Affinity Home Loans is to assist people in planning for their future, from the purchase of their first home right through to their retirement.  Our finance brokering partners do this by providing expert financial advice, products and services across Australia. We have partnered with Queensland...