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Testimonials about Amanda Pearce (General Manager Sales)

For almost 30 years I have been a property investor in Victoria and Queensland and have purchased more than 35 properties for myself and family members. During that time I have dealt with many real estate agents - some good and many not so good. After considering all my dealings with you, I would have to place you at the top, as the best agent I have had the pleasure of dealing with. As you are aware, I am very demanding in terms of information I seek and the deadlines I set. You have been faultless on all occasions - your responses exceeded my expectations in terms of timeliness and content. I note you have often replied after hours and on weekends which I did not expect. Also I have found you to be an honest and sincere person. During the processes of my son's proposed property purchase, you offered your time to arrange and follow up on matters which I consider you did not have to do - you went that extra mile! Your recommendations for financial and legal services were first class ...

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Testimonial from M.Pearse (Landlord)

Wonderful service from the team. Your communication and property management department’s overall performance is excellent.  Accounts management, arrears management, inspection reports, rent reviews and lease renewals are all excellent. 

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Testimonial from Anthony Fuge (Landlord)

I commenced using the Property Management services of Shelley Walsh, Kay Gallagher and the team from Affinity Property Australia in January 2015. They took over the management of 11 units that I have which are in the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) located in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. Shelley and whole team at Affinity have proven to be extremely effective managers of the complex in many ways. Shelley and Kay have together transformed the unit complex from taking it on by firstly, being highly organised and efficient in all of their dealings with the tenants and by upholding a high standard of expectations of care and cleanliness for the apartments. Both Shelley and Kay operate in a friendly manner that engages the tenants and are always “firm but fair”. In vetting and signing new tenants, Shelley and Kay have the knack of getting the best tenants into the property and this has made a tangible difference to the overall environment as a result of their c...

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Testimonials for Vanessa Hotton

Hi Vanessa It has been nice working with you and hope to continue on this. We have several property manager who looked after our investment properties till date, but your knowledge, quickness to act, willingness to hear with patience keeps you above in the line. We are really happy with your services and the way efficiently you have been managing our properties. Any concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. We have dealt with tough tenant and your regular and close inspection picked up several issues and created action plan to make sure it remains neat and tidy as per standard. Thanks once again. We really appreciate all your hard work.  Prateek Maheshwari    

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Testimonials about Kay Gallagher (Receptionist and Maintenance Manager)

I have found my dealings with the Affinity Property staff very pleasant. They are friendly and efficient. Nothing seems to be any trouble for them. I get all the required notifications in a timely manner and they always keep me informed on any ongoing issues, either by telephone or e-mail. I am very grateful to staff, especially to Kay Gallagher, who linked me with the perfect rental opportunity at the moment I really needed it. Paul Steinbach - Tenant   My name is Leonie and I am a reasonably new client with Affinity Property. I am impressed with the supportive service I have received from Kay Gallagher during my unexpected transition to the rental area.  I was stressed and confused and out of my comfort zone and she is prompt in providing information, which I needed, to help me feel secure and confident again.  Thanks Kay.   Leonie Regan-Kerr - Tenant   This is an email to thank Affinity Property, for giving me a beautiful NRAS Property, Kay and Shelle...

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