Information for First Home Buyers

Home ownership is one of the most rewarding things you can do and helps set up a good, long term financially secure future.  Buying your first home can be an incredibly stressful time, which is why it’s important to get good advice and learn all the facts from the beginning.


It is easy to get overwhelmed during the home buying process. So in order to make the journey as easy and as enjoyable as possible, we’ve assembled some of the best property and finance people in the business.  Our team of experts will help you navigate your way, so you are confident in making the final decision on which property and loan best suits your personal needs.


Our mission at Affinity Property is to assist people in planning for their future, from the purchase of their first home right through to their retirement.  Our finance brokering partners do this by providing expert financial advice, products and services across Australia.

We have partnered with Queensland’s best finance brokers to provide you with choice and flexibility in securing a loan for your first home.  Our finance broker partners provide impartial financing advice focusing on the best outcome for you and they deal with all of Australia's leading lenders and can tailor a financing package that suits your individual needs.

If you go to a bank and they refuse to give you a loan to buy a property, it just means that that particular lender won’t lend you the money.  It still may be very achievable that you can buy the property you want and do it safely and cost effectively.  To get on this path, it means it is time to consult an experienced advisor to help you understand what will work for you.

Key Tips For Saving On Your Home Loan


  • Access any government grants available
  • Have a plan
  • Do it early
  • Have the right loan
  • Repayment frequency is key
  • Know your fees 
  • Pay attention to the rate
  • Be prepared to refinance
  • Understand the loan term
  • Put windfalls into your home loan
  • Beware of interest only

Our finance brokers can help you secure the QLD State Government First Home Owners Grant.

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