Information for Sellers

Selling your property, whether it is your home or an investment property, can be a very emotional experience.  There are significant financial stakes and in some instances people need to work through personal, emotional attachments they have with a home.  Given these challenges, we have developed an approach at Affinity Property that gives you a professional, carefully planned, stress free and ultimately satisfying experience.


Our approach at Affinity Property puts you in the driver’s seat, so you can determine:


  1. How You Want Your Property To Be Marketed
  2. Which Buyers You Want To Target
  3. Most Importantly, How Much You Want To Spend On Your Marketing Campaign


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We have a team of highly experienced property sales and marketing professionals with sales, accounting, commerce, marketing, tax, auctioneering, development and property management skills who will work with you to deliver the best possible outcome in selling your property.

As a first step, we work with sellers to understand your expectations and then develop a plan in consultation with you.  Key elements of this plan include:


Proposed Method of Sale


We work with you to determine which method of sale works best for your property.  Traditionally, there are three main methods for selling property, being:


  1. Private Sale;
  2. Sale by Negotiation (or tender); and
  3. Auction
All of these methods have merit.  However, there are some important issues such as the type of property, competition in the marketplace and state of the market which should be considered before a final decision on the proposed method of sale is made by you – in consultation with your property agent.
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Launching your Property in the Market


The first 4 – 8 weeks in selling your property are critically important.  The benefit and impact of a well formulated sales and marketing campaign cannot be understated and can make tens of thousands of dollars difference in the finals sales price you achieve for your property.


As with every ‘commodity’ in the marketplace, the price of property is driven by supply and demand.  By having a good sales and marketing program you will maximize the number of buyer enquiries, thereby increasing demand and generating the best price for your property.


Affinity Property has a well-designed sales and marketing program that achieves the best possible sales outcome for your property.  The key elements of this program are:


  1. Professional images and ‘building a story’ to market your property on our high traffic real estate web site and market as a highlight or feature listing across national real estate web sites to thousands of prospective buyers;
  2. Preparation of a detailed investment analysis for your property, to increase exposure to property investors and to highlight the financial benefits of buying your property versus buying another comparable property in the market;
  3. Direct marketing of your property to our large national client database of investors, first home buyers and general property buyers;
  4. Presenting your property at our upcoming property seminars;
  5. Social media marketing including Facebook and Google AdWords marketing
  6. Advertising and marketing your property through our expert trained conjunction agents.
  7. Providing you the opportunity to go to auction, if this strategy suits your property. 

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Selling by Auction


An Auction is a public sale carried out at an advertised time and place where people interested in purchasing the property bid against each other.


Unlike private sales, Auctions have a high degree of emotion as interested parties compete with each other to obtain the property they have ‘set their hearts on’ owning.  The emotive nature of Auctions can often lead to bidders exceeding their pre-determined price limit to secure the property.


A property that is advertised for Auction can sometimes be sold before the Auction date if agreed upon by the you and your agent, if an acceptable offer has been put forward by a motivated buyer. A sale by Auction is accompanied by a (usually) four week marketing campaign aimed at attracting the maximum number of buyers to compete at the Auction.


When buying at Auction, the sale is in the form of an unconditional contract with no cooling off period, as opposed to a Private Sale or Sale by Negotiation. There must also be a 10% deposit of the purchase price paid on the day. The purchasing terms of the sale are advertised with the property leading up to Auction day.