21 Steps to Selling Your Home Privately

21 Steps to Selling Your Home Privately or through Off-Market Sale

Before you make the decision to sell your own home, you should consider whether you will be able to do it successfully and whether or not you have the time and energy.
If you are thinking of selling using a buyer & seller matching service such as Property Whispers, we recommend you carefully review the following steps to help you decide whether to sell your own home or seek the assistance of an experienced Real Estate professional.
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Carefully research information regarding the price and terms of sale in today’s Real Estate market.
Investigate recent sale prices of properties similar to yours in your immediate area. Know lot size, current tax information and relevant property disclosure laws. Then establish a realistic price for your property based on that information.



Know current lending institute guidelines and borrowing criteria to determine financing alternatives for your prospective buyers.



Conduct your own mini walk-through inspection. Make note of all the items that need repair or improvement.
Your checklist may include:
 fresh paint throughout
 well manicured lawn & gardens
 plumbing & all appliances in working order
 roof & gutters in good condition; no repair needed

Be careful not to over capitalise. Only complete jobs that will enhance the price and saleability of your property.


Make all necessary repairs and improvements before you begin to advertise your property.


Determine if your property is susceptible to termite attack and organise a pest report and/or treatment. Be prepared.


Be aware of any relevant council zoning or building infringements and either rectify the fault or obtain the appropriate certificates from council.


Be available at all times so that you can walk through the property with prospective buyers to answer their questions and offer information about local schools, parks, transportation, shopping, churches etc.


Establish a marketing budget and gather quotes for photography, brochures, signboard, social media, website advertising etc.