Expert Tips for Selling Your Home at the Best Price

When it comes time to sell your home, it’s important to know what property features your buyers are looking for.

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You'll love our Expert Tips for Selling Your Home at the Best Price. These brilliant tips are low cost and will help you get the best price when you sell your property.


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Key Tips for Getting Started

Before you even think about spending money on your home, there are three (3) critical things you should do...

 STEP 1 

Obtain a current market appraisal on your property to find out what buyers in today’s market would pay to buy your property ‘as is’ without any changes or improvements;


 STEP 2 

Research your property's attributes - what is the market median price for that specific type of property in your suburb?  Is your property better than others ?



Understand unique features about your property that are different from other similar type/size properties in your suburb.  How do you maximise the value of these features when you come to sell?

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Once you have completed steps 1 – 3, you’ll understand property pricing in your local market and the specific improvements and maintenance required for your property to stand out. This helps you successfully complete the following steps.


So What are the Next Key Tips For Selling?



No clutter or odours.  Clean and tidy all surfaces, cupboards, storage and yard areas. If the property looks clean and smells fresh, prospective buyers are more likely to form a positive impression of your home.



Give buyers plenty of time to look through your property. Buyers find it hard to feel comfortable and picture themselves living in the property if the current owners or tenants are present. You want buyers to linger in your property and take in all of its features - not rush through the inspection.



From the street, your property should appear clean and well kept. Check for mildew or stains on exterior walls, driveways or paths.  Pressure clean if needed and remove dust and cobwebs.

First Impressions Count
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Don’t let your property’s exterior turn a buyer off before the interior has a chance to turn them on. Check your property’s exterior carefully for any necessary maintenance required.


Colour has the power to attract. The front façade of your property is your showpiece. If external painting or maintenance is required to the front façade, treat this as a priority so that you attract buyers into your property. 



Entice buyers into your home. Attractive plants in an oversized pot, colourful flowers and hanging baskets out the front gives a great first impression. Consider using an attractive welcome mat to greet buyers when they come through your front door. It can also encourage them to wipe their feet and keep dirt from tracking through the property.



Be very careful with any proposed renovations.  It is important not to overcapitalize and spend too much on improvements that buyers don’t appreciate.  For our Expert Tips on Renovating for Profit with quick and easy renovations CLICK HERE


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