Caboolture Property Market

Caboolture Rental Properties (February 2020)


Caboolture continues to be the cheapest area to rent in the Moreton Bay Region with the average 4 bedroom house renting for $374 per week.

Rents in Caboolture have changed marginally over the past 12 months, with 3 bedroom townhouses experiencing the biggest fall (-1.5%) and 2 bedroom townhouses having the biggest increase (+2.9%).  3 bedroom houses also experienced a small increase in rent (+1.6%) as shown in the table below.

    Current rental demand for this property type in this suburb    Average weekly rent payable for this property type    Difference in rent payable for this property type compared with 12 months ago   
4 Bedroom House   43.8%   $374.00





3 Bedroom House   23.9%   $318.00   1.6%



3 Bedroom Townhouse   9.2%   $308.00   -1.5%



2 Bedroom Townhouse   3%   $275.00   2.9%



2 Bedroom Unit   5.2%   $272.00   0%


Source:  |   RTA Queensland Median Rents 




Number of Rental Properties in Caboolture

Caboolture has the largest number of houses for rent of all suburbs in the Moreton Bay Region. 

Caboolture has 4,800 houses registered as rental properties with the Qld Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA).  The region with the second highest number of houses for rent is Kallangur/Murrumba Downs/Dakabin, with 3,983 homes registered as rentals with the RTA.

The composition of rental properties in Caboolture is:
  • 4,800 Houses (66% of stock)
  • 1,906 Flats/Units (26% of stock)
  • 397 Townhouses (5% of stock)
  • 118 Other - includes movable dwellings & rooming accom (2% of stock)




The Moreton Bay Region has 32,237 houses that are rentals.  Consequently, Caboolture alone accounts for 15% of total houses for rent in the Moreton Bay Region.  Tenant demand by property type is highest for houses in Caboolture, given the large number of rental houses on the market.  The lowest tenant demand in Caboolture is for acreage properties.



Caboolture Rental Property Demand




'The highest tenant demand is for 3 & 4 bedroom houses' 




Caboolture Tenant Profile




When you buy or lease an investment property in Caboolture, it is important to understand what your average tenant looks like:
  • over one third of rental applicants have pets
  • more than 90% own a vehicle and many want a double garage
  • there is only a small number of students applying
  • tenants who are employed have on average been in their job for 3 years

Given almost 40% of rental applicants own pets, it is highly beneficial for landlords to have a fully fenced back yard if you allow pets at your property.  Likewise, having a double garage or adding a covered car port can significantly increase the appeal of your property to tenants.



Source:  |   1Form




Caboolture is recognised as a suburb with affordable rents.  Consequently, the area attracts many households who have low income.

s important to understand what your average



46% of rental applicants in Caboolture have incomes less than $40,000 per annum42% of rental applicants are unemployed.

Source:  |   1Form




The majority of tenancy applications for rental properties in Caboolture are from women aged between 20 - 40 years.  Many applications are from young families and also single parent families.  Property features that are important to the largest number of applicants include:
  • 2 bathrooms
  • good size kitchen with decent appliances
  • air-conditioned and/or ceiling fans
  • window and door security
  • indoor and outdoor family areas & play areas for children
  • lock-up garage
  • fully fenced yards



Only a very small number of rental applicants in Caboolture (less than 5%) are considering buying a home in the short term (the next 12 - 24 months).  This low intention to buy reflects the lower incomes of many rental property households in Caboolture.

Given there are more than 7,200 rental properties in Caboolture, this also means that at any one time there are 360 rental households in Caboolture looking to buy a home.


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