Testimonial from O'mezie (Prospective tenant)

Sometime last month, I made an application to Affinity Property regarding an NRAS property in Grasspan street, Zillmere. I was eventually approved for the house but did not move in. This was due to the proximity to the railway.  I had thought that the noise will filter into the unit. I have a 6-weekold.


Shelley Walsh was the person that showed me around the property. She was thorough and very professional. She is good at what she does. She brought a measure of humanity to the job. Even when my countenance changed about the closeness of the unit to the rail, she saw reasons with me but still persuaded me to consider it given that she has not had complaints from tenants with little kids.


I want Affinity to continue with this good works. I sure has recommended your group to my friends, family and colleagues. We have a lot of people out there that should not be in the real estate business.


I have just moved into another property but I won't forget the Affinity treatment. Kay was excellent on the phone too.