Testimonials about Shelley Walsh (Senior Property Manager)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the services of Affinity Real Estate and in particular Shelley Walsh for her outstanding efforts and assistance in finding a new home for myself and family. 

Prior to dealing with Shelley I had contacted a lot of other real estate agents with enquiries about prospective properties. And in most cases, I would get an answering service and leave a message, however few other agents would even bother to return my call. Those that did call me back, in most cases didn’t do so for several days later. 

Shelley returned my call within the hour and we discussed my needs. Although I was not purchasing a home, and indicated that I was only looking for a rental property, Shelley was more than helpful, very courteous and very professional.

I wanted to relocate from the Redcliffe peninsula to the Strathpine Central area so as to be closer for my sons schooling, and Shelley presented me a home that was under my budget and more than suitable to my needs.

Shortly after moving in, we discovered that the telephone connection was missing, then unfortunately we had a minor plumbing issue. To my surprise, neither were a problem for Shelley or the admin staff at Affinity. An even bigger surprise was after a major storm that went through the region, Shelley contacted me to see if we faired ok and asked if the property sustained any damage. As a former landlord myself, I was very impressed with this.

Cameron Sherwood - Tenant


Great work Shelley, I have agreed with Richard to sign up the other 2 properties currently being built predominantly because I'm so pleased with you.

Murray Bowles - Landlord


Shelley - I am loving the unit very much. Thankyou for your help in securing the unit. You made it so easy for me being interstate and I sincerely thankyou for all your help.

Chrissy - Tenant


Shelley - I am loving the unit very much. Thankyou for your help in securing the unit. You made it so easy for me being interstate and I sincerely thankyou for all your help.

Rahul - Tenant


As a first-time renter, Shelley and the Affinity Property team have been excellent to deal with. I've had the pleasure of dealing with the team for over 2.5 years and couldn't recommend them more.

Shelley is professional but warm and friendly in her approach, and is an effective communicator. She has been an excellent point of contact for me throughout my lease, and her timely responses and helpful manner mean that I'm never left in the dark.

So, thank you Shelley and the Affinity team, for all that you do! It is much appreciated.

Jessica Stanley - Tenant


My roommate and I just wanted to quickly acknowledge Shelley for the amazing work she does. Having been through many real estates before our time with you guys, not once have we encounted someone who manages to show great professionalism as well as genuine care mixed together to the extent Shelley does. Always willing to help no matter how big or small the situation was. Would very muchly and happily recommend Shelley and the affinity property team to family and friend. Keep up the great Shelley!

Zach & Taleigha - Tenants


I am writing to express that I am very satisfied by the services provided to me by Shelley Walsh and Affinity Property. All queries I have are promptly answered and any issues that have raised throughout my tenancy have been addressed swiftly. I have enjoyed my time as a tenant with Affinity Property.

Pokarlla Kiara - Tenant


We currently use the services of Affinity Property to manage our investment property at 48/38 Brays Road, Murrumba Downs.  Shelley Walsh has been our contact person, and I have always found Shelley to be extremely helpful, polite and friendly.  Shelley has always handled issues with a common sense approach and nothing has ever been too much trouble.  She is prompt with returning phone calls and emails, and has communicated well at all times.

Di Horvatic - Owner


Affinity Property has been a rewarding agency to rent from. They have implemented the NRAS (National Rental Affordability Scheme) for my property which has allowed me to rent a higher quality place for a reduced rent. 

All of my interactions with Shelley have been conducted in a professional manner. Shelley has been very comprehensive and helpful, always contactable and friendly to interact with.

Zac Duce - Tenant


Shelley went out of her way to assist us and she even book an appointment before opening hours to assist us due to work commitments and it was very much appreciated.

Michael & Caitlyn Griffiths - Tenants


This is an email to thank Affinity Property, for giving me a beautiful NRAS Property, Kay and Shelley were really efficient, I applied Tuesday afternoon, and Kay rang me at 11am the next day to say I was approved, than Shelley was very efficient in the paper work. As I have never had an NRAS property, she helped me sort all the huge amount of paper work that was involved , and never been in a NRAS Property, she was very good at explaining to me how it all works. 

I am happy in my new home, and was very happy with Kay and Shelley how they organised all of this for me.

Paul Daly - Tenant


I have been with Affinity property for only a few months but so far I am very happy with their service. If I have any issues Shelley is very helpful and answers any questions that I may have. Typically getting back to me within a few hours or a day of an inquiry. 

Sophie Del Rosso - Tenant


I have rented through Affinity Property for almost one year now and have recently signed another tenancy agreement. The service I have received from Shelley Walsh and Kay Gallagher in particular has been amazing. Every issue, particularly maintenance issues have always been dealt with promptly. Any miscommunication, owner delay or terms that were not completely agreed upon have been sorted respectfully and promptly.

I am very grateful for the continuous communication between Affinity Property staff members and myself as it allows me to get on with my busy schedule, knowing that my rental property is being taken care of. This is the only rental I have had where I have felt looked after and treated like I am just as important as the owner. I'm not sure what else to add except thank you. Thank you to Shelley, Kay and Affinity Property for making renting so easy and stress-free.

Jill Taylor - Tenant